About Us

fb bannerSoaring As Eagles Outreach Ministry, Inc: is a non-profit organization registered in the state of North Carolina since 2009. Our goal is to empower teen and young parents.

MISSION: to enhance emotional, personal and professional development of young parents.

VISION: to empower the community by supporting and encouraging one family at a time

VALUES: Soaring As Eagles’ employees and volunteers support families with an environment of respect, teamwork, and excellence



Welcome to Soaring As Eagles Outreach Ministry, Inc. I am delighted that you are interested in this ministry of advancing our young people. Being a teen parent over 40 years ago, I realize that my experiences were not only for me, but for others. Even though there are so many obstacles that are involved with teen pregnancy and parenting, there are still many successes to be achieved. I believe that with love and direction, these young people can maximize their situations and walk into the destiny that God has planned for their lives

We strive to improve our program, therefore we solicit your feedback and suggestions on our Contact Us page.